6 Ways Your Child Can Benefit from Summer Counseling

Are you counting the days until the beginning of summer fun, or are you dreading the lack of structure, clashing personalities, and arguments over screen time? Whether you live for the days of summer or are already looking ahead to August, chances are you know that summer is just… different. Even when families are excitedContinue reading “6 Ways Your Child Can Benefit from Summer Counseling”

COVID-19 and School: A Parents’ Guide

Tax-free weekend, stealing those last beach days, lovingly organizing school supplies. For many, back-to-school has always been an exciting time, full of possibility and, yes, even a little nervous energy. But August has not looked quite the same these last two years, and parents, kids, and school personnel are weary. September has shaped up toContinue reading “COVID-19 and School: A Parents’ Guide”