Groups & Workshops

Over half a century of studies comparing group psychotherapy to individual therapy have shown group therapy works. Group therapy helps people develop skills and insights, improve their interpersonal relationships, and feel empowered through participating in a community of helping.

Check back soon for a list of our upcoming summer workshops and events, including community storytime, teen gaming events, and expressive arts workshops, and so much more!

Texas Teacher Connection: NOW RECRUITING!

Fall sessions open in September!

Connect with fellow educators, share experiences, and find creative solutions to navigating the demands of your profession beyond the typical self-care techniques or time-management tips. Open to any K-12 teacher in the state of Texas.

Contact Kelley Walters for more information.

Trauma Stewardship Virtual Group

The work in this group is centered on the book Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others.

Contact Cynthia Hernandez, LCSW for more information.

Vision Board Party (for women 18+)

Registration is open!
A fun, daring way to manifest the life (and self!) you desire!

Are you looking to learn more ways to love yourself and provide self-care? Join us on May 7, at 1:00pm. Materials and refreshments are provided, with a one-time fee of $50/person. ✂️📚🧘‍♀️🤗

Bring just yourself and an open mind! RSVP by text to either 832-301-9244 or 409-419-9189 or contact Flor for more information!

Workshop: Building Self-Esteem

Registration is open!
A one-time virtual workshop for teens 14-17 about body neutrality and developing tools for confidence, resilience, and self-esteem.

Contact Raven Wilson for more information.

Virtual DBT Group

Learn DBT skills to build distress tolerance, self-esteem, and tackle the world head-on!

Contact Quin’Tara Spencer-Vallaire, LMSW for more information.

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