Clinician Opportunities

We are looking for several licensed clinicians for our increasingly expanding group practice. Hybrid opportunities available; however, clinicians must be available to provide services in-person to clients in Houston (Montrose area) and/or Friendswood.

Looking to join our team? Our clients come from all walks of life, and so do we — not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it makes us stronger. The Feelings Healers accepts inquiries from interested clinicians on an open basis. Submit a letter of interest and your resume to

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

Cesar Chavez
How do I know if a TFH is a good fit for me?
  • You’re ready to explore a future in private practice or you want to be part of a team that values autonomy and authenticity.
  • You thrive in an environment that allows you to explore your strengths but don’t run away from constructive (and supportive) feedback in a non-hierarchal environment.
  • You are passionate about your authentic professional identity, whether it’s well-established or under construction .
  • You aren’t satisfied with the status quo — and you have the ideas to do something about it.
  • You stand behind the importance of antiracist work in the service of addressing harm caused by institutionalized racism and other systemic equity failures.
  • You are committed to expanding access to mental health care to underserved populations.
  • You want your professional life to be fun, meaningful, and challenging.
  • You are passionate about serving your community through pro bono work.
  • You have an abundance mindset that seeks a collaborative, unified, and cooperative workplace.
What makes TFH stand out as a practice?
  • Variety of modalities offered (EMDR, creative arts, walk/talk therapy)
  • Diverse therapists of all experience levels and backgrounds
  • Increased access to therapy for clients (sessions offered seven days of the week)
  • A safe space for therapists/clients to speak, voice opinion, ideas, brainstorming together
  • Disruption of the hierarchal status quo in favor of value places on autonomy, integrity, and responsibility
  • Monthly consultation groups hosted by Paige Stafford Helms of Novel Changes Therapy
  • Opportunities for community outreach, speaking engagements, groups, psychoeducational workshops, and so much more.
  • Stuff we are definitely forgetting/skipping over in favor of moving onto something else.

What is your stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion inside and outside of the therapeutic space?

The Feelings Healers is a collective of mental health professionals committed to serving all members of our diverse community with acceptance, humility, respect, and dignity. 
We know that it is the diversity of our staff and clients, each with their own unique identities and experiences, that strengthens our work through collaborative practice, innovation, and acceptance.  We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where equity, inclusion, and mutual respect are inherently practiced and encouraged.

We know that mental health care has upheld systemic barriers both within the therapeutic space and outside it, contributing to disparities in power, control, and privilege that have deeply harmed individuals and groups, most especially BIPoC, LGBTQ+, and people who hold other marginalized identities.  The Feelings Healers is committed to taking actionable steps that promote liberatory thinking, multicultural humility, advocate for social justice, and reform the mental health care system for the betterment of all. 

We aim to foster a brave space where clients, community members, and mental health care professionals from all walks of life can come together to be seen, valued, and supported.

Meet the Team

Love our vibe but happy in your own space? Check out The Collective for more information about joining out network of badass professionals, or consider adding yourself to our clinician referral list!

Looking for Student Opportunities?

If you’re interested in learning more, please email our Internship Coordinator, Kelley.

Serving clients in the Clear Lake area, Houston, and virtually throughout the state of Texas.

Let’s build something great together.

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