About Leah Browne, LPC Associate

I am pending licensure and will return to seeing clients Fall 2023.

Evening, weekend, and virtual appointments available.

LPC Associate supervised by Heather Murphy, LPC-S

The only choice is to tackle things head-on.

Congratulations on taking the step to inquire about counseling! My goal is to create a welcoming safe space where you feel listened to and accepted. I want to be able to provide the tools and resources to help you navigate and figure out what it is that you may want out of life. There is no right or wrong answer in decision-making — the only choice is to tackle things head-on.

What I Do:

I provide both virtual and in-person counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families. I also lead small groups — particularly for first responders and healthcare professionals — that provide opportunities for bonding, trauma-processing, and positive mental health discussions amongst one another. If you are an organization seeking one-time, short-term, or even ongoing educational presentations or workshops for first responders, healthcare professionals, or other professionals who are immersed in difficult work, please reach out.

Education & Training

For the last nine years I have worked as both a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. In my spare time, I enjoy creating new vegan recipes, playing with my two miniature dachshunds, spending time outdoors, and watching movies with my husband and family.

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