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Practice Director

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LPC Associate License #90775

NPI 1386345544

Supervised by Heather Murphy, LPC-S

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Provider

What if you felt safe enough to lean into your discomfort?

I provide EMDR intensives for eating disorders, unresolved or recent trauma, distress tolerance, or other emotionally distressing experiences or thoughts.

Are you someone who needs to vent, hear other perspectives, learn new skills for getting through life, or maybe all of the above? Have you been turned off by past experiences or perceptions of what therapy is going to be like?

You might not know what therapeutic modality, theory, or techniques works best for you, but the first place to start is with a therapist who puts you at ease.

Looking for a therapist is one bold, courageous step toward crawling out from whatever is suffocating you. Finding the right therapist for you can be hard. You’re probably wondering “Can this person help me? Does this person understand what I’m going through? Is this person the right fit for me?”

My approach is compassionate and nonjudgmental, but I tell it like it is. I provide professional, evidence-based mental health and well-being support that puts you in charge of your own narrative.

Therapy is a form of protest. Be unapologetically well.

Some therapists have chosen to limit their work with certain populations, age groups, or treatment issues, and that’s okay! Many other therapists, like myself, find it fulfilling to work with a variety of clients who may seem very different from each other on the surface but are wanting the same things:

  • childhood conflict or trauma that just won’t get unstuck
  • feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, or defeat
  • general unhappiness even though life *seems* great on the surface
  • internal or external factors that prevent life from looking the way you want it to look
  • generational trauma or family/social pressures that affect their relationships and self-perception
  • brushing off the *shoulds* in order to live a life that feels authentic and fulfilling
  • getting through the adolescent and teen years
  • exploring sexuality or gender identity or support coming out to family
  • feeling discomfort or obsessiveness around food, exercise, or physical appearance
  • letters of support for gender affirming care
  • wanting the concrete skills and strategies to support a strong, loving bond with their *person* (or people!)
  • adjusting to transitions or stressors caused by career, family, or life changes

Ultimately, choosing a therapist centers around whether you feel comfortable, secure, and hopeful with the person you’ve decided to work with.

What I do:

Ask me about walking therapy!

Whatever your starting point, you deserve to become the author of your own story. That doesn’t mean you’re on your own, though — people seek out a therapist because they need someone with the training, objectivity, and perspective they need to gain their own clarity. Often, that means I’m providing opportunities for you to uncover the strength to come out from the shadows of what limits you — a toxic relationship, disordered attachment, or… anything!

I work with children, adolescents, and adults through a collaborative, strengths-based approach, including couples and families.

  • Individual, couple, and family therapy services (private pay and insurance options)
  • Virtual sessions available for anyone in the state of Texas
  • Small group and professional coaching and team-building
  • EMDR therapy for adolescents and adults for trauma, OCD, perfectionism, jealousy, eating disorders, and more!
  • Teen and adult ADHD/executive function support and solutions
  • Workshops, speaking engagements, youth social/emotional tools, and small business culture/leadership support

Adolescent & Adult ADHD | Anxiety | Depression | Burnout | Attachment Issues | Disordered Eating/Body Image | Consensual Nonmonogamy/Polyamory | EMDR | Infidelity & Toxic Monogamy | Trauma | Gender/Sexual Identity | Perfectionism | Premarital/Pre-Parenting Counseling | Parenting/Coparenting | Discernment Counseling | Parent-Adolescent Conflicts | Teens | Assertiveness Coaching | Couples Therapy | Decision-Making | Existential Uncertainty | Unhelpful Coping Behaviors

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about therapeutic approaches I use.

Education & Training

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Creative Writing, and a Masters in Education in Counseling in Development. I’ve been in education and leadership since receiving my MA in English from the University of North Texas in 2007. Along the way, I realized I could build on the work I was doing with adolescents, parents, families, and communities in a more direct and eclectic way. While serving as assistant principal for a 7-12 grade campus, I returned to graduate school to earn my second master’s degree and begin my own journey to becoming a psychotherapist.

As a seasoned professional with a diverse background, my professional and personal journey has been shaped by a dynamic blend of roles all centered around helping people feel seen, from a chief editorial role at a boutique publishing company in Austin, TX, to educational administration, leading my staff and students through the early days of the pandemic. Through these experiences, I have cultivated a unique skill set that seamlessly integrates my role as Practice Director at TFH and my intuition and judgment as a clinician. While my counseling license may be a recent addition to nearly two decades of helping others, my background in education honed my ability to foster courageous conversations, empathy, and collaborative change. My executive and leadership experience has equipped me with a keen organizational insight and a strategic mindset.

When not exploring new ways to bring both clinicians’ and clients’ strengths to the surface as they work toward meeting their goals, I am living up to my military-brat wanderlust, dropping pins in locations all over Google Maps to dream about my next family hiking adventure, making a mess in the kitchen while pretending I’m a contestant on The Great British Baking Show, or practicing my own frustration tolerance skills while falling off my SUP.

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